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At In The Flow Wellness, we are committed to helping you discover the secrets of a stress-free life. We provide a relaxing setting focused on positive psychology to create the opportunity for you to decompress and realize your own solutions without judgment.

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A quote from regina queen about listening to someone
A blue heart with an ear that is shaped like it.
A quote from regina queen about listening to someone
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A blue heart with an ear that is shaped like it.

Regina Queen, MPH is a certified relaxation therapist and health and wellness coach. She has a voice that instantly calms and soothes the mind. Compassionate and insightful, Regina shares practical wisdom that allows her clients to experience a genuine sense of renewal. She hosts a tranquil atmosphere where serenity flows, and her clients consistently report that they have found a safe place to breathe.


Wow! It takes a very special person to be able to reveal so much by saying so little. Regina helped open doors in my mind that had been closed tight. She didn’t tell me what those revelations were, I figured them out myself by those doors opening up in my mind with her perfect ability to ask the right questions. I think we block so much of our past away that we do not realize later in life how much our past influences our future, our present and our environment. I can’t thank Regina enough for helping me have courage in my lifestyle changes. Thank God for her gift. She is one of the angels God put in my path for my spiritual blessings!


Angela Landeros

Regina is magical. That’s the best word I can find to describe her. The first time she prayed with me she asked if she could because I was having trouble with school…every time from there out I asked her. I have never really been a “religious” person but I have always had faith in my own way. When Regina prays with me and coaches me it is like the brick has been lifted off my chest. She is spiritual in the best form of the word, she is kind, nurturing and up lifting. She always brings me to tears of joy and appreciation with her amazing way with words. The greatest part of it is that every time I have sought her out to guide me, the situation ended up with the best possible result. I am unbelievably blessed to have Regina in my life, and to call her a friend.


Devon C. – Los Angeles, CA


Regina has such a heart and natural gift for healing. I was really hurt by someone in my past that left me with feelings of anger, resentment, disappointment and deferred hope. In her loving way, Regina, gave me tools to confront and get free of painful memories in a way that did not cause any further harm to me or the person that hurt me.


Fawn – Los Angeles, CA

For so many years I worked in the fast paced environment of Corporate America. Being Married, Serving in Ministry and Raising three children, ages (16, 10, and 6) I became extremely exhausted to the point that my health was being affected. Like most women, I gave my all to everyone and everything for the last 18 years. For some strange reason I felt guilty if I took care of myself or even took a nap. Not today, thanks to Regina. She spent countless hours coaching me to value myself and my health. Somehow, she was able to coach me through the guilt that I would carry if I took care of me. Today, I am free to take a nap, today I am free to sleep in and get some rest. Today, I am learning how to love myself and give myself the SELF CARE that I need. I also realize that it doesn’t make me less than any other woman because I need to rest. “Because I am such a phenomenal woman, I need to rest and be refreshed. ” (Regina’s words to me) I can say all of this today with confidence, because Regina coached me and helped me paint a new picture for my life when it came to my health/healing/rest and self worth.


Tamara Goines – Los Angeles, CA

I was 41 years old, pregnant, unemployed, unmarried, no family, and stressed from a very heavy heavy load of life circumstances. I had too much to worry about but I knew I wanted a healthy pregnancy, baby and delivery. Regina introduced me to pregnancy relaxation and meditation exercises that changed my entire mindset. She created a visualization/mediation audio cd for me to listen to during my pregnancy and introduced aromatherapy as a means to maintain my relaxed state during pregnancy and delivery. I remember the image of the rose opening up symbolizing my womb opening up for my son to enter the world. I felt no contractions and delivered my son in 20 minutes with no complications. Now 4 years later I have this amazing little boy and I continue to utilize meditation and aromatherapy for healthy living. Ardena – Los Angeles, CA


Ardena - Los Angeles, CA


Regina Queen’s coaching has been priceless. She worked with me peeling back layers like that of an onion , and I was able to discover the obstacles that were preventing me from making critical career decisions. I am so happy and grateful for the opportunity to have worked with her and now as an entrepreneur, I am on the road to fulfilling my God – given purpose helping others achieve an optimal level of health through exercise.


L. Denise Edmonds, Ph.D.

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